Making A Spoon

The Tools

The only tools that Martin uses for spoon carving are an axe, a straight knife and a hook knife.

Spoon carving tools

Starting the Spoon

A section of wood is cut from the branch and split in two along its length using the axe and a mallet.

The cleft face is then levelled and the curved surface shaped using the axe to roughly form the top surface of the spoon.  The design is then drawn onto the wood.

The start of carving a wooden spoon

Roughing Out the Design

Having marked the design on the wood the waste is removed using the axe leaving the roughed out spoon as shown.

 Roughing out a wooden spoon

Refining the Outline

Using the straight knife the last of the waste is removed to leave the outline of the spoon.

 Refining the spoon outline

Carving Continues

The top of the handle is shaped and smoothed.  This includes checking that the top of the handle and bowl are level to ensure that a twisted spoon is not produced.  

The handle is carved back to make the bowl and the back of the handle is also shaped.


This work is done with a combination of the two knives.

 Continuing to carve the wooden spoon

Hollowing The Bowl

The hollow of the bowl is carved first using the hook knife.  Once this is done the outside of the bowl can be shaped with the straight knife using the fingers to judge the bowl thickness.

 Hollowing the spoon bowl

Carving Complete

Except for finishing, the carving of the spoon is now complete.  The spoon is then set aside to dry.

Carving the spoon completed
The Finished Spoon
 Finished wooden spoon in plum.
 Bowl of spoon in plum
 Bowl of spoon in plum