Promoting an Appreciation of Traditional Crafts

In providing demonstrations I hope to give the public an appreciation of our shared rural craft heritage.  As such the demonstrations offered would be ideal for craft fairs, rural shows and fetes.

Please note that the demonstrations offered are intended to promote public interest and participation in traditional rural crafts.  While a small range of products are offered for sale, my presence at an event should not be seen as a retail opportunity but as an opportunity to promote traditional crafts or as an educational attraction for visitors.

Event organisers can download further information HERE,  or contact Martin if they have further queries.


The demonstration shows how a log is turned into a wooden spoon. The timber, tools and techniques used are described.

This demonstration is ideal for events where space is limited.

Spoon carving demonstration.

Art in Action 2012


Using only traditional hand tools and techniques a log is first split and then carved to produce a bowl or platter.

Bowl carving demonstration.


All demonstrations are continuous activities and not suitable as timetabled events.