Keeping Traditional Craft Alive

There are two characteristics that apply to the spoons and bowls that Martin makes.

Firstly, he follows traditional practice and uses wood that has been locally sourced.  Secondly, only traditional tools and skills are used combined with an appreciation of the material being worked.  Consequently, everything is hand-crafted and not machine-made. 

While his approach is not suitable for modern mass production, each item is unique.  For Martin it is essential that his products remain functional while also being a pleasure to look at, handle and use everyday.

Enthusiastic to promote the practice and appreciation of traditional crafts, Martin is available for demonstrations and runs spoon carving workshops.

Hand carved wooden spoons in oak. 
Hand carved beech bur bowl and sycamore spoo. 
 Hand carved Oneoak bowl and spoons.
 Hnad carved Oneoak spoon.

Click here to see short video by Lucy Harris on Vimeo of Martin spoon carving.

 Courses - 2018

The next courses for which places are available are:

The next Spoon Carving Course will be held on 29th & 30th September 2018.  For details of this and other course dates please click here.

All Knife Skills & Whittling Courses for 2018 are now fully booked.

 Forthcoming Events - 2018

Martin will be demonstrating his craft and selling his work at the following events giving you the opportunity to purchase unique hand-crafted gifts direct from the craftsman:

 Martin will have a stall at the Craft Market in the Church at Deddington Farmers' Market on 25th August 2018.

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